The Shepherds

Had you asked me before today
What would I say
Were I privileged enough to be invited to a meet and greet
With the Messiah himself?

I’d say: some words would leave my mouth
None of them complimentary or empty
As they should be when meeting such an entity
No they’d be angry accusations and damning demands
Where were you when the empire took our lands?
And left us with nothing but the dust in our hands
Not even the ground beneath our feet is ours
Never knew freedom was so sweet til we were behind bars

But then, I wouldn’t be invited
Shepherd’s hardly favoured dinner guest
Nor a powerful political ally
We’re rank and file at best

So I’d never expected an angel in the sky
Or the rank and file of heaven singing hosanna from on high
Never thought I’d be the first to see the saviour of the world
Never thought I’d have his tiny fist around my finger curled

Because he shouldn’t be born in a stable
With cracked door and muddy floor
Where the inn’s din hides
The child’s first cries inside

He doesn’t belong here
In this messed and complex land
But then he doesn’t belong on this earth
So perhaps after all God has a plan

Doesn’t mean I know what it is
But I don’t think that’s the point
And anyway, when I see him there
I find it hard to care

Because that handful of holiness
Is concrete proof of care
Evidence that whatever goes wrong
God isn’t hiding away up there
He’s here
And that means for the first time
We have nothing left to fear

By Millie Swan


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